1) Road Base

2) Under slab fill

3) Aggregate for making concrete

4) Sand for making concrete

5) Aggregate for mixing hot mix asphalt

6) Sand for making hot mix asphalt

7) Chip seal aggregate

8) Railroad Ballast

9) Agricultural Limestone (Aglime) neutralizes soil acidity and a source of calcium and magnesium

10) Rip Rap for erosion control

11) Bedding for Rip Rap

12) Bedding for underground pipe

13) Back fill retaining walls

14) Scrubber stone (removes sulfur dioxide in power plant exhaust gas)

15) Used to neutralize acid waste

16) Flux stone (making steel)

17) Flux Stone (making glass)

18) Flux stone refining sugar beets

19) Feed stock making cement

20) Feed stock making lime

21) Neutralizes stomach acid (Tums)

22) Ingredient in calcium supplement pills

23) Ad mix in animal feeds

24) Filler in paint

25) Filler in roofing shingles

26) Abrasive and filler in tooth paste

27) Filler for making plastic pipe

28) Aggregate for making concrete pipe

29) Sports field drainage medium

30) Chicken grit

31) Aggregate in concrete blocks and bricks

32) Aggregate for concrete power poles

33) Dust to prevent coal mine explosions

34) Landscape stone

35) Boulders for car barriers

36) Sediment Fences (filter media)

37) Bio degradable flat ware (plates-made by molding limestone fines and corn starch)